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The enchanting beauty of Sri Lanka has always lured visitors from all parts of the world and this is one of the reasons that the global totters prefer it over the other islands. Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful and smallest islands in the world. It provides a perfect aesthetic aura for tourists to enjoy their vacations with the diversity of tranquil beauty that it holds in itself. The spellbinding landscapes, rising mountains, oceans and gushing waterfalls, bird reserves, and the lush forests makes it a lost paradise for its visitors.

The coasts of Sri Lanka combined with human activity generates strings of vibration in the heart and soul of its guests. Each of the places including the central highlands, the North Central Valley surrounded with gushing mountains, roaring waterfalls, tropical forests is a never miss glimpse of nature’s magical beauty bestowed on earth beckoning nature lovers.

Sri Lanka is famous for its mythological importance as it is the place where Sita Devi was captivated and kept hostile by King Ravana. Each and every place has tales of Lord Rama’s brilliance in winning over King Ravana and Lord Rama returning happily with Sita Devi and these places speaks in volumes the gloriness of Lord Hanuman, and Lakshman, and have temples erected to worship Lord Rama, Sita Devi, Lord Hanuman and Lakshman.

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