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kashmir_mapKashmir or Jammu & Kashmir is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Some people call it as the paradise on earth, while some people say that it is beauty at its perfection. But, the culture, history, heritage, the serene beauty and the lifestyle prevalent here is expressible beyond words. Kashmir has always seduced people from all over the world with its unimaginable beauty and this is one of the reasons why tourism flows in abundance here.Kashmir lies at the top of the country and appears just like a jewelled crown in the map. The valley of Kashmir is situated at 300 kms from Jammu and you can find steep mountain passes and forested ravines outlining the valley. As mentioned earlier, the beautiful emerald valley cradles in the lap of Himalayas opening up the most endearing view of the crystal blue sky and the snow clad mountains surrounding it.

The valley has always kept its word of rejuvenating its visitors with a feast of tranquility such as silvery streams, rivers, freshwater lakes, pine, deodar and chinar forests, snow clad mountains, sparkling waterfalls, shikaras, green meadows and grassy slopes full of flowers of

vibrant colours. You cannot conclude that it is just a valley because it is an oval shaped plateau and is about 5000 feet high. It is surrounded by the three Himalayan ranges – the Karakoram, Zanskar and Pir Panjal.

Map of Kashmir

The landscape of Kashmir is outlined by the great Panjal. It is from Panjal that the great rivers flow down into the valley dense with orchards and decorated with lily-laden lakes. Kashmir is often referred to as the “Switzerland of East” and it covers an area of 222,236 square kilometers. The Mughals have made their contributions to this paradise with their architectural brilliance and this is the reason why the collection of waterfront gardens is referred to as the Mughal Gardens.

The valley exhibits unity in diversity. It welcomes its guests with a plethora and paradigm of picturesque beauty during all seasons though summer is the best time for a holiday. Check out our exclusive Kashmir Tour Packages and we will customize it accordingly to suit the mood of your tour.