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People from all over the world fly over to India every year seeking solace and happiness during
their holidays. The excellent health care facilities and latest medical technologies have made India a global healthcare preference. People choose India for dental care and treatment as the speciality care offered here scores above the medical care they might receive in their country which is too expensive.

The super speciality health care centers in India have excellent dentists and dental surgeons with ample of years of experience in providing tooth care and surgery if needed. Patients can get their tooth problems cured at a price lesser than half of what they would be charged in their homeland. India is proud of its
legitimacy in the pharmaceutical industry developing and researching drugs and even exporting these to countries in abundance.

Usually a tourist visa is valid only for six months, but medical visas extend up to a period of one year and more depending upon your treatment process. You can also have your dear ones accompany you on a
medical escort visa while travelling to India for helping you with your medical care.

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