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India is well known for its rich culture and tradition that is in practice since ages. Nature lovers, honeymoon goers and tourism passionates have always viewed India as one of the best places to relax and rekindle their spirits. The busy work schedule and the modern lifestyle pressurize people and a peaceful holiday is a
blessing. Ayurveda has got immense healing powers and it contributes to rejuvenate the mind and body
releasing stress.

 A large number of Ayurvedic resorts have been blooming up lately in India owing to the increasing
popularity of its healing powers that brings in people from far and wide. Ayurveda not only helps in
purification of the senses, but also has medicinal powers. People suffering from serious health problems take refuge in Ayurvedic hospitals where they undergo organic treatment.

 Ayurvedic treatment mainly focuses on relieving stress, balancing metabolic activities and even chronic
disorders. Patients who have undergone chemotherapy are generally weak and stressed out. Ayurveda has immense powers to relieve the stress out of these patients and slowly rejuvenates their spirit. Ayurveda is
preferred for beauty and skin treatment and also for general rejuvenation.

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